EASTLEIGH residents are being given the chance to have their say on the temporary pedestrianisation of the high street, after calls from local businesses to scrap the scheme.

As previously reported, the decision was made by civic chiefs in Eastleigh to make both Market Street and High Street in Eastleigh, temporary "car free" zones from June 15 onwards, in a bid to keep customers safe and ensure social distancing is maintained when all non-essential shops were allowed to reopen.

However, many small business in the town centre urged Eastleigh Borough Council to reverse this decision as the lack of close parking was said to be turning the high street into a "ghost town" meaning local businesses are struggling to get people through the door and stay afloat.

The "Eastleigh Town Council Action Group" was set up amongst business owners and residents, and more than 1,000 people signed a written petition urging the council to reconsider the decision.

Now, residents are being given the chance to vote yes or no on whether they like the idea of thee temporary pedestrianisation of the high street.

A spokesperson said: "Shops, restaurants, cafés, pubs and hairdressers in Eastleigh town centre have reopened - and High Street and Market Street have been closed to vehicles to allow safer social distancing for their customers.

"We're asking shoppers and traders to let us know what they think about the temporary pedestrianisation of the town centre. Do you think it's a good idea?"

To vote and have your say on the issue, visit: www.getfeedback.com/cm/U6EmmO8O/bcbe5591-df37-4f8c-87b4-7d6b9d340dff/q/1