A SEX offender who was jailed following an assault in a Southampton barbershop has had his appeal rejected.

Rashpal Sanghera was jailed for 30 months following a sexual assault and spate of thefts.

CCTV footage played at Southampton Crown Court on Thursday showed the 36-year-old pinching his victim and then straddling her.

He had been having his beard trimmed when he sexually assaulted a female hairdresser.

Sanghera put his arms around her neck, however she can be seen clearly resisting, the court heard. At one point she is seen using a rolled-up magazine to fend him off.

While giving evidence, Sanghera claimed she had asked for a hug.

“Watch out what happens to you,” were the words he used to threaten her as he left.

For his sexual assault charge he was jailed for 16 months.

However, Judge Peter Henry refused the appeal against the conviction stating that there was no consent.

During Sanghera’s sentencing in May, prosecutor Robert Welling said the hairdresser was left scared and distressed.

Sanghera of Lingwood Close was arrested and released under investigation.

A month later he was pulled over on The Avenue while driving his BMW. A test found traces of benzoylecgonine – a breakdown product of cocaine – and cocaine in his system.

With 29 existing convictions to his name, he went on to steal a charity tin from Sam’s Chicken Takeaway in Shirley High Street and another from Moby Dick fish and chip shop in Church Street, Shirley on January 27.

Sanghera was later found in possession of a bank card stolen from a student, used to pay off £770.21 of drug debts across Southampton, Eastleigh and Winchester.

While at the McColls store in Bedford Place Sanghera lunged across the counter and stole four scratch cards, and days later, he and a friend stole alcohol worth £115 from Sainsbury’s in Leigh Road, Eastleigh.

He failed to appear at court for the sexual assault offence but was found guilty in his absence on March 16. He was finally arrested on March 24 this year.

He was found guilty of the sexual assault and admitted three thefts, one fraud, one burglary and one count of driving under the influence of drugs

Chris Gager, defending said Sanghera had plans to change and was stuck in a vicious circle of drug abuse.

However, he repeatedly abused Judge Christopher Parker as he was sentenced to 30 months in prison. Sanghera was also disqualified from driving for two years which will start when he is released - minus six weeks for time spent in custody.