Southampton Airport is struggling, no one is debating that fact.

But I do think their recent campaign that eludes to the fact the airport would shut without the extension is just a guilt tactic to try and get people on board.

I’d like to point out a few facts,

The airport just made over 40 people redundant with no support.

Asking for support towards investment is a bitter pill to swallow for lots of the local people.

The airport has been told that many new airlines will still not be able to come to the airport with the extension due to other obstacles.

This is purely a media message to encourage people to support.

The environmental impact of the airport is huge and just because the protestors are not out to be seen during a lockdown does not make this go away.

The airport releasing messages from its new MD to advise people that the airport will not survive without the extension is not correct.

They have plenty of airlines keen to work with them but have aspirations for more than a national network.

Let’s all be realistic about our local airport, we will support it as a regional connection provider but do we want to approve an investment to make it bigger when the travel industry is on its knees?

Certainly not!

George Harris

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