MAY I MAKE a couple of points regarding cyclists in Southampton?

I believe the wearing of safety helmets should be made compulsory, just as for motorcyclists.

Now that cycle lanes are being placed on main thoroughfares within the city, cyclists are now sharing road space with all types of traffic; for example, heavy goods vehicles. (The Avenue is a good example)

This makes cycling ever more dangerous; the number of cyclists killed or injured by lorries is a national issue.

Helmets reduce the instances of fatal head injuries in an accident.

Cyclists have free use of roads where their traffic intermingles with other road users and pedestrians.

Motor car owners must have at least third-party insurance cover when on public roads.

Cyclists are able to use public highways without such cover.

This exposes any injured party to claiming from a cyclist where, if uninsured, fair financial recovery becomes difficult or impossible.

I strongly believe that all road users must show evidence of third party insurance cover.

Given that cycling is being promoted as an “environmentally friendly” mode of transport, surely it is not asking too much that cyclists, as with other road users, should carry proper third party insurance cover when using public highways?

John Noble