IF SOUTHAMPTON wants residents to use buses again, then it will take more than the new bus lanes.

This has been shown by the stream of empty double decker buses on Bitterne Road West.

The government told us buses aren’t safe. So people stopped using them. As a result bus use is at it’s lowest ever level.

And trust in buses will not return for some time.

If the bus companies want passengers back, then they have to give people confidence that buses are safe to use.

Taping off seats isn’t enough.

At the moment many drivers and passengers aren’t wearing masks.

But how can you encourage bus users to wear masks if drivers don’t?

Can’t alcohol gel dispensers be installed for passengers? Couldn’t disposable gloves be dispensed with your ticket?

And perhaps people should scan in at the door - buses are far more enclosed than pubs?

The bus lanes aren’t working.

To revive bus use will need more than white lines on the roads.

Jon Walters