I would like to state there is absolutely no increase in cyclists along the Avenue/Bassett Avenue.

What the council has done is to create upcoming misery for commuters and increased exhaust fumes for the few cyclists who do cycle along that route.

They have also taken away all parking along side the Common in Hill Lane, and there are no cyclists using the new cycle lanes there either.

Actually I have spotted one cyclist on one occasion and none on several others.

What is even more insane is that they have not installed any facilities for people to lock up their bikes safely - so who would want to ride to the Common and leave their bike with the very realistic possibility that it will be stolen?

There is absolutely categorically not an increase in cyclists now, this is a fantasy.

One local resident commented on a local forum, that she had queued all the way from the Cowherds to Chilworth to get to work and the whole time there were just two cyclists using the cycle lane.

Also they have taken away all parking in Bedford Place, to what end I have no idea, there are temporary barriers in place.

This city was finally a reasonable place to live, we had restaurants, cinemas, theatres, art galleries, cafes.

As if things were not bad enough post lockdown, with most of this gone or facing ruin, the council seem to have gone insane and are taking away the few joys any of us have left.

Certainly for me, walking on the Common is a big part of my life.

I moved last year so I am no longer within walking distance of the Common, I'm a mile away and I don't cycle because of neck problems.

Now I am forced to try and find parking in one of the side roads and I dread the hot weather/summer holidays as I fear there will be nowhere to park.

I do not believe for one second that these measures are temporary, they said that about the toll charge for the Itchen Bridge.

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