The letter from S G prince on the 14th July, was one which caused me much thought.

His words very much reflect the attitude of the general public during this time.

You have only to watch the television to see that the public will donate to causes which "catch the eye".

Two recent demonstrations of this are Captain Sir Tom and the little boy who struggled to walk on his artificial limbs to raise money.

The public will donate, given the correct stimulus, or the obvious cause, whatever that may be.

What people do not seem to want to do, is to be a part of the organisation raising the funding.

This is not new.

I remember many years ago, when I was treasurer of a scouting district, it was decided to repair and redecorate the large scout hut.

Assistance was sought from the parents and families to do this refurbishment, but very little response was received.

I then asked families if they would sponsor a square metre of the work.

Cash donations flooded in and I was able to get the work done professionally.

Rotary International is just what it says.

It acts as a catalyst for good, wherever such help is needed.

S G Prince mentioned Shelterboxes, which are amazing, giving homeless families somewhere to live after some calamity has occurred.

Another such idea are Waterboxes, which can provide drinking quality water for up to a year for a family in trouble.

There are many other areas where Rotary can be involved, such as the elimination of Polio worldwide, now almost eradicated.

Public money has done these good works, but people are needed in organisations like Rotary Clubs, to make these good things happen.

Please support them with your time too; and ensure Rotarians are able to continue to do the works for which they are renowned.

John Lawrence

Netley Abbey