PLANS for a three-bedroom house beside an existing home have been thrown out.

New Forest District Council refused to support an application to build a new property at Bartram Road, Eling, with access on to Rose Road.

The proposal sparked seven letters of objection from people living in the area.

Protesters said the proposal amounted to over-development. They also claimed it would create extra traffic problems as well as having a negative visual impact on the street scene.

A report to councillors said: "The dwelling would be located in a close proximity to its boundaries, resulting in a cramped appearance harmful to the spacious and open character of the vicinity.

"Moreover, the footprint of the dwelling would be out of proportion with its plot and the dwelling would not comfortably sit within it.

"The limited outdoor amenity space and tandem arrangement of car parking also suggest that the plot is of a size that cannot comfortably accommodate a dwelling."