I have resisted giving feedback on the sudden implementation of “temporary” bus/cycle lanes in the city until I properly saw them in action over a longer period of time.

I live in Bitterne and travel all over the city for my job. I have a good frame of reference of the roads before this was introduced compared to now.

Despite traffic numbers being a fraction of what they were pre-lockdown, the idle traffic at seemingly random times throughout the day has increased and rush hour is terrible despite far less traffic than pre-lockdown.

My journey times have increased. All leading to more pollution. Surely the opposite of what we are trying to achieve?

I understand this is to encourage more cycling, however the numbers of cyclists using the lanes is tiny.

It would have to increase by 5-6000% to even be slightly worthwhile.

That will simply not happen. Neither will people using public transport due to both the cost and unreliability.

Daily Echo:

Furthermore, at a time when businesses require as much support as possible to get through the toughest of times, this scheme is discouraging people from coming to the city or visiting the city centre. This will be exacerbated when more people are back to work and far worse traffic and pollution problems. Why would we want to discourage this?

The homeowners along these routes must be furious.

It is without a doubt that this is an expensive mistake and should be reversed immediately. Stubbornly sticking with it will only damage the city at an unstable time. The money would have been better used to alter bottlenecks at the railway bridges along the route and improve traffic flow.

I feel cheated that I voted for a council with this level of ineptitude, as I would never vote for such an anti-Southampton policy. I plead with you to reconsider the scheme or at the very least consult with the people of Southampton democratically about something so large and affecting so many people.

You have said these lanes are temporary, I hope that is the case. However I believe the intention is to keep it in place permanently and you’re using temporary traffic orders to be able to sneak it through.