A DRUG dealer caught with a stash of cocaine believed to be worth more than £6,000 has been jailed.

Floryion Shkupi was part of a “large enterprise” when he was arrested with 66 pre-wrapped bags of cocaine.

The 23-year-old would deliver drugs to buyers having been sent their orders and postcodes by text, a court heard.

Shkupi appeared before Southampton Crown Court on Wednesday facing charges of possession of cocaine with intent to supply.

Prosecuting, Mary Aspinall-Miles told how police traced the Albanian national with respect to immigration matters.

Daily Echo:

They found him at a flat in Alma Road belonging to his girlfriend, Jotilda Domi.

When they arrived, Shkupi also of Alma Road claimed he did not live at the address and that Domi was the only occupant.

He was searched and found to have three bags of cocaine with between 82 and 84 per cent purity, a mobile phone and £40 in cash.

A full search of the property found 63 more bags and cash totalling £2,845.

The overall value of the drugs was believed to be between £3,300 and £6,600.

Daily Echo:

Following his arrest, Shkupi gave a no comment interview however later entered a guilty plea.

Defending, Robert Cowley told how Shkupi does not have the right to reside in the UK and how there was an element of exploitation with his situation.

Cowley said: "He came to the UK with promises of all sorts of employment which never materialised. He owed the debt of getting here and took the job because of his circumstances."

During sentencing, Judge Christopher Parker QC said: "There is strong evidence that you did this for financial gain or advantage."

He added: “You were part of a large enterprise and you must have known that."

Judge Parker jailed him for two years and nine months.

Meanwhile, he ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the seized drugs.

Domi also appeared facing drugs charges however pleaded not guilty and was discharged.