I SEEM to remember that there was an outcry when it was first proposed to close the Fawley Branch to passenger traffic.

But, 'As Daddy Knew Best' the closure took place, leaving the line open for freight traffic from Marchwood Military Port and Fawley refinery.

No-one seems to have foreseen that the road traffic would increase to the extent it has as more and more domestic building took place along the the Waterside.

Now that the Fawley power station site is to be cleared for the building of what amounts to a small town, thereby increasing road traffic even more, would it not be sensible to not only re-open the railway to passenger traffic, but to extend it to where the new building will be and put in a small terminus station?

This would, perhaps, reduce the road traffic slightly.

Also, if the track was electrified at the same time it might help towards reducing fume.

Just a thought.

Robert Smith