Your correspondent raised several excellent points on the brewery site in Romey.

The fact that for 33years, yes 33 years the site has remained undeveloped with planning permission for 211 houses (13built).

Romsey has moved on a lot since the last century.

Many other substantial developments have taken place within and around Romsey.

Daily Echo:

Romsey needs most have changed in respect of this site since the original planning permission was granted.

The developers in 2019 were concerned as to the viability of the development.

Is that the reason that it remains derelict, it is not economically viable?

Perhaps the strategic plan for this site could be rethought and amended to make this a very central site more applicable to Romsey in this century.

Daily Echo:

An open space?

Site for a health centre with car parking and bus service incorporating the two doctors surgeries and the hospital.

I'm sure there might be a legal challenge but perhaps crowdfunding might build some ammunition.

Colin Grant