PAMPERED pooches and mollycoddled moggies, pose here! 

These are just a few of the pets our readers are showing off this week. 

Thousands of Hampshire residents have been working remotely or spending more time at home recently - and their pets have been thrilled! 

We’re putting your pets in the spotlight with a weekly page dedicated to their pictures in the Daily Echo and online each Saturday.

Here are just some of the pets taking centre stage today.

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PREACH bulldog puppy Teddy has arrived at the Hampshire home of Shelley Stapleton during lockdown.

The three month old is helping the family get over the loss of their beloved ten-year-old dog Daisy last year.

BURT, aged ten, and eight-year-old Emily are the perfect pair, playing, walking in the New Forest together and sleeping next to each other.

AFFECTIONATE moggy Lola Keep likes to keep her owners busy, playing fetch like a dog and bringing mouse friends into the house!

SIX-year-old cat Alfie loves belly rubs, helps himself to treats and knows exactly when his owner Richard Hurren needs cheering up.

LILAC Point Siamese Grand Premier Luella Imtara is a lovely and loveable champion cat. 'Tara' is 12 and loves relaxing on top of the microwave!