THE COVERAGE given to the Home Office shotgun and firearm certificate statistics ‘Shotguns fears’ (27 July) is unwarranted and highly misleading.

The article presents no evidence that legal firearms are getting into the hands of criminals nor is there any concern that they will.

The UK has some of the strictest firearm legislation in the world, yet shooting is still open to all.

Our law-abiding community means the sport is continuingly popular.

Your article does a disservice to the 580,000 certificate holders in England and Wales.

Shooting is an Olympic disciplined sport - one that the UK is incredibly successful in, a sport that employs over 74,000 people, and plays a significant role in rural communities and economies.

Shooting is an exciting, entertaining, social and physical sport.

It is undeserving of this level of attack?

Dan Reynolds

British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Director England