PETER WHITE who complains about the Brewery site in Romsey is correct; the situation is disgraceful.

Unfortunately the story is quite simple: developers do not have to build, even when they have planning permission and once they start building, no matter how little they build, the planning permission cannot expire.

Pleas to the Government to change the planning law fall on deaf ears.

Daily Echo:

Local councillors pressed the case when new legislation was being proposed in 2016.

In the end there were no powers given to local authorities which could force developers to build, much to the annoyance of more councils than just our own.

The building industry is very powerful and so far all we get from Government is less local protection.

Daily Echo:

Liberal Democrat Romsey town councillors and borough councillors have been trying for over ten years to get homes built on the Brewery site but so far the developer has proved to be intransigent and there is nothing in law that we can do about it.

We agree that this situation is unsatisfactory but frankly until Westminster listens and acts we are pretty powerless.

One solution of course is to change the Government to one that will listen and act!

Cllr John Critchley