THE PROPOSED new town at Fawley now has planning permission.

I think we all have to welcome the fact that the decision was made by locally elected Councillors and members of the National Park.

It was a really big ask, especially as it involved National Park land.

However, the applicant did a very good job in communicating his vision and dealing with almost all of the objections.

The one thing that hasn't been resolved satisfactorily is the expected impact on the A326, especially north of Dibden roundabout.

Daily Echo:

I think there has been something of a leap of faith in accepting the plans without details of how issues surrounding traffic congestion and air quality will be adequately addressed.

As more homes are built in Fawley, the need for transport options will be increased.

This should include the return of a passenger service along the Waterside railway line, as well as ferry options.

Cllr David Harrison