Sadly, I must say (as a cyclist/motorist), that most of Patrick McClure's evisceration of Southampton council's madcap and expensive cycle-centred 'improvement' scheme is spot on (Letters Saturday).

Not to mention the 12 weeks of disruption, shortly, to befall Onslow Road.

Haven't drivers (and taxpayers) suffered enough?

Sadly, the recent Covid-inspired blip on the number of city cyclists has now mostly subsided with the end of lockdown and vehicular traffic back to near normal.

I can attest to the pathetically low number of local pedallers (as confirmed by Southampton University).

Aldi's Bevois Valley store has four large metal cycle stands (each capable of holding two bikes), but for several weeks now, my bike has been the only mount secured here on recent visits - all in good weather.

The false dawn of cycle use inspired by Covid is already over, but don't expect common sense to prevail.

Terry Hickman