ACROSS the county, teens have been left disappointed as end of year proms have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has seen all year 11 proms cancelled and postponed across the country leaving thousands of 16-year-olds disheartened.

But two Hampshire businesses have organised an event that could brighten the spirits of the county's teenagers.

Daily Echo:

Mousetrap Dress Boutique in Havant has organised a huge prom open to all year 11 students who have had their proms cancelled.

Working with The Best Parties Ever, a venue on Stoneham Lane in Eastleigh, the dress shop has planned a prom for teenagers on December 14.

Lisa Farley became the proprietor of Mousetrap Dress Boutique in 1997 and said it is her love and passion coming into work each day.

Daily Echo:

She said: "We have had so many girls and their parents in tears in shop, over the fact that the girls and their dates will not get the Year 11 send off that they deserved.

"Many parents have spent out lots of money on prom dresses, prom tickets, travel, hair and make-up, only to be told by some local schools that they would not be putting on any kind of prom and it has been cancelled completely.

"Seeing all of our prom girls so upset, absolutely devastated us as a team and we just knew that we had to do something to give these students the send off that they deserve for all their hard work.

Daily Echo:

"So we had a team meeting and thought about having a prom in the shop and although the boutique is big, it wouldn’t be big enough to host a whole prom.

"Every year I treat my staff to a special Christmas Do and for the last three years we have been to ‘The Best Parties Ever’ venue in Southampton.

"And that’s when we had a lightbulb moment, why not ask ‘The Best Parties Ever’ to collaborate with us on our very own ‘Mousetrap Prom."

Daily Echo:

The non-profit event is open to all year 11 students who have had their proms cancelled.

Tickets can only be purchased in the dress shop on North Street in Havant and can only be paid for in cash.

Tickets are £50 a head for students and a subsidised ticket for £25 will be available to any staff members from the student's school.