Royston Smith (letter 29th July) seems intent on politicising the steps the council are taking to increase active travel.

Although he professes to be pro-cycling, his statement that road capacity has been halved betrays his real thinking: capacity for motor vehicles is halved (in some places), but capacity for cyclists is hugely increased.

He says he supports e-bicycles and e-scooters but where does he think they are going to go?

Cycle routes take time to be used as people who had previously found cycling too dangerous adjust their habits, and until we have a joined up system (something the council is planning for) they will never be fully utilised.

He complains about lack of consultation, but the council is using powers and funds recently granted to them by his Government specifically to introduce cycle lanes quickly without consultation and then to monitor them and adjust as necessary.

Daily Echo:

Perhaps he should be complaining to Boris or Grant Shapps rather than trying to make trouble for the council?

Finally he even jumps on the 5G scare-mongering band-wagon to complain about "proposals to put 5G antennae practically in people’s back gardens with little or no consultation" as if there is some anti-democratic pattern of behaviour or any particular issue with 5G.

I don't see how you can have a "proposal" with "no consultation"? The normal planning process is being followed isn't it?

So please Mr Smith, less pot-stirring and more constructive proposals please!

Stephen Phillips.