Eastleigh Borough Council have approved the creation of a tree nursery at One Horton Heath

The 2.8 hectare site will produce a sustainable supply of locally grown trees, helping the council hit its target of planting 160,000 new trees over the next ten years as part of its Climate and Environmental Emergency Programme.

Council leader, Keith House said: "By creating our own tree nursery and tree planting programme we are providing the opportunity to grow native tree species locally from seed using our own staff.

"The benefits of planting trees in our borough are well known as they absorb carbon dioxide and store carbon in their wood together with reducing urban temperatures, preventing flooding, capturing pollution and supporting biodiversity."

In addition, the nursery will have the capacity to produce plants and trees for use in public spaces and housing development sites.

The council leader added: "Our communities will also have the opportunity to get involved through an exciting range of sponsorship initiatives to allow businesses and schools and residents to plant trees in their communities."

The cabinet have also approved a tree sponsorship scheme for businesses, with several businesses in the area interested in partnering with the council to plant trees as part of their environmental commitments.

Further schemes are also being considered for following years that could include individual tree sponsorship, and a 'one tree per child', allowing residents, schools and business employees to sponsor the purchase and planting of a sapling sized tree for a child.