A MAN and a woman were rescued after getting into difficulties during a late-night walk on the Isle of Wight.

The woman used her mobile phone to call for help soon after the pair started walking from Thorness to Gurnard.

Cowes lifeboat was launched just after midnight.

Also dispatched were Needles and Ventnor coastguards and an ambulance.

A lifeboat spokesman said: "The young woman, who lived in Newport, was escorted by coastguards along the cliff path to Gurnard Luck where she was attended to by paramedics.

"Later the young man, who had an address in Cowes, was also located after his shouts for help were heard. He had received injuries while apparently attempting to climb the bush and rock covered cliff.

"Eventually he was put on a stretcher aboard the lifeboat, which delivered him Trinity Landing, Cowes, where he was transferred to a waiting ambulance.

"The lifeboat returned to station just after 2am."