MOTORISTS face delays as roadworks on the M271 continue this week.

The work is designed to support residents and increase economic growth, according to Highways England.

The scheme includes a free-flowing lane from the M271 southbound towards Southampton docks.

Work includes improved shared paths, a new footbridge, widening of the roundabout, and planting hundreds of shrubs and new trees.

Meanwhile, across Southampton road closures from today (August 3) include: - Meggeson Avenue: Highway improvements until October 2. The work is being done by the city council however, emergency access will be maintained at all times.

- South East Road: Street works by the city council. The route is expected to be closed until August 28. Emergency access will be maintained at all times.

- Padwell Road: Network management and highway improvements. Emergency access will be maintained at all times and the road is expected to be closed until November 30.

- Salisbury Street: Closed until September 6 while a crane is in operation.

- Bevois Valley Road & Onslow Road: Major cycle infrastructure improvements. A one way system is in place with only the southbound route open. Closed until November 30.

- Ancasta Road - Major cycle infrastructure improvements. Closed until November 30.

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