I was astonished to experience a feeling of deja vu when reading Stephen Austin's letter in your columns (Friday 31 July, 'Disturbing Motorcyclists') because we, on the opposite side of the water, in Totton (or at least in Eling) are suffering exactly the same intrusion by extremely loud, high speed, and high revs, motorcycles, well above the legal maximum decibels, that race past our house several times a night at least once a week in the early hours of the morning.

Last Friday we were woken from sleep no less than five times during the night, as were many of our neighbours, by this thoughtless and clearly deliberate sound pollution that seems to encompass a wide area of Totton as well as Southampton.

I feel sure that many households in our local area will be suffering similarly and I would support Mr Austin's plea to report the disturbance to the police and to your local councillor, especially if you can shed any light on the culprits.

John Dracass