A restaurant in Botley has donated hand sanitisers to places of worship in Southampton.

Purbani Botley, a small Indian restaurant, in partnership with Global Supplies Protection, an international supplier of PPE, has donated these hand sanitiser stations to four local places of worship in and around Southampton and Botley.

These two businesses wanted to help the local community by giving something that would last a long time and benefit a lot of people.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitisers are in high demand, and by placing these stations in these busy locations, they hope to raise awareness about the virus and the importance of hygiene in these difficult times.

Mohammed, the owner of Purbani Botley, partnered up with Lloyd Russel, the director of Global Supplies Protection in order to provide the sanitisers to these locations that are mostly run by volunteers.

Mohammed's son, Emran Khalique said: "Within our community, there is a bit of a misunderstanding about what the do and don'ts are during the pandemic.

"I think the sanitisers will help as they are quite prominent and will make people more aware of hygiene, as some communities have been hit harder than others by the virus.

"These places run on a lot of donations and I think with some communities, the severity of the virus is not fully understood, and we wanted to highlight that through doing this."

The stations cost £195 each, with the cost being split equally between Purbani Botley and Global Supplies Protection.