COMMUTERS in Southampton are to benefit from "fuss-free" travel thanks to a new contactless payment method.

From today, bus users catching City Red services will be able to use a new ‘Tap & Cap’ contactless payment method.

The Southampton bus company is also bringing its customers Express Mode for Apple Pay, offering an alternative, quicker and easier way to avoid paying by cash for bus journeys.

Marc Reddy, Managing Director at City Red, said: "We’re on a mission to make using the bus as easy and attractive to use as possible.

"Tap & Cap contactless payments will charge adults £2 for a single journey, and if you use the bus more often you will never pay more than the new low £3 daily fare irrespective of how many journeys you make in the Southampton City Zone.

"Since the pandemic started, we’ve been encouraging customers to go cash-free, and now Tap & Cap gives people even more reasons to stop using cash.

"Tap & Cap guarantees that customers will always get the best value fare to suit their own travel needs based on their individual travel pattern and will make life easier for our customers by making our buses more accessible than ever."

Bus users who use a contactless payment method - via a contactless bank card or a contactless-enabled device - when they travel within the Southampton City Zone will always get the cheapest on-bus fare and are never charged more than the new £3 contactless Tap & Cap day fare, no matter how often they make a bus journey within the zone on a single day.

It also means that contactless payment users using the bus twice or more times a day will save 50p compared to the equivalent mTicket or on-bus day fare.

Tap & Cap automatically works out the cheapest fare and gets rid of the need to carry a paper ticket, making boarding so much quicker and hassle-free.

City Red will introduce a new innovation with added convenience for customers using Apple Pay.

Express Mode for Apple Pay means customers with Apple Pay can now access City Red bus services and pay for their ticket using their iPhone or Apple Watch.