INN, watering hole, boozer or local. There are many names for a pub, although they all have similar functions – to bring communities together and forge memories.

The Daily Echo takes a look back at another seven pubs from the past, each of them likely to spark happy memories from readers.

If the walls of the establishments left standing could talk they would almost certainly have myriad tales to tell of drunken tomfoolery and jolly japes.

How many of these did you visit?

Do you have old pictures of you and your friends in old pubs, clubs and bars. Send them to us below.

The Lord Palmerston

The Lord Palmerston was called the Star and Garter in 1897 but later changed to The Lord Palmerston. In 1983 the pub became Copperfields before changing back to The Lord Palmerston. The venue closed in the mid 2000s and is now homes.

The Mayflower

The Mayflower was originally opened in the early 1960s when it replaced the Hampton Court Brewery Bar. The pub shut its doors for the final time in 2004 when it was demolished to make way for flats.

Bridge Tavern

Originally called the Coxford Bridge Tavern, this pub is known to have been standing as far back as the 1880s. Situated on Coxford Road, Bridge Tavern was rebuilt in the 1930s and closed in 2007. The pub sits derelict to this day.

The Chamberlayne Arms

Dating back from at least 1860, the Chamberlayne Arms closed in 2012. The pub was located at 119 North East Road, Sholing, and is now a One Stop store.

Stoneham Arms

Stoneham Arms first opened in 1933. The pub shut 80 years later on August 1, 2013 and is now a Co-op store.

The Bassett Hotel

The Bassett Hotel dated as far back as 1871and was the original home of the Concorde Club. The pub, which stood at 111 Burgess Road was known for its amusements, including boxing matches and a live bear. The watering hole was demolished in the late 1990s and replaced with a care home.

Winning Post

Winning Post once stood at 82-84 Peartree Avenue, Bitterne. The pub closed circa 2008 and is now a One Stop shop.

More pubs of the past to feature next week.

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