SHE IS the Southampton poet who has contributed to a 444-page anthology inspired by the Covid-19 crisis.

Aishwarya Parui penned one of the works that appear in Together, which is being hailed as a unique collection of human experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

The newly-published book, already a best-seller on Amazon, comprises contributions by 75 authors from five continents.

It has been compiled by Dutch researcher Dr Pauldy Otermans and social educationalist Dev Aditya, who are donating the proceeds to the NHS.

Poems and other submissions are accompanied by eye-catching artwork that aims to give each contribution a sense of a personality and pictorial depth.

The images are designed to help readers differentiate between the many pieces, which range from poems to prose and the personal thoughts of the individual authors.

Published by Otermans Institute, the book has been described by chairman of the Royal Institution, Sir Richard Sykes, as a representation of the unity which humanity has shown during the pandemic.

"Prior to this there has been no other book that depicts the human spirit from the Covid-19 crisis so vividly," he said.

Aishwarya Parui was born in the Indian city of Kolkata. She worked for the Ministry of Education in Singapore before moving to England in 2016 and settling in Southampton, where she lives with her husband Arijit.

Her contribution to Together is called Certain '20.

Aishwarya said: "I am humbled that one of my poems has been published in this selection alongside noteworthy contributors, authors, writers, poets, academicians and artists."

In a message to one of the book's "curators" she added: "Thank you Dev for the opportunity and for such a beautiful initiative.

"Your letter to the world was so thoughtfully penned, giving new hope and sharing inspired experiences."

During the lockdown Aishwarya channelled some of her own observations and experiences into her submission, having studied many of the uncertainties created by the pandemic.

Her poem is accompanied by artwork by international artist Ella Mežule.

Proceeds from the sales of the anthology will be used to help fund the NHS through NHS Charities Together. Good causes in the Southampton area are among those which are set to benefit.