An events company in Eastleigh has adapted it's production line to produce hospital gowns.

Tiger tailoring in Eastleigh, a support company for Covers and Linings Ltd. was originally a business that produced and hired out marquees for the event industry.

Since lockdown started the company have been forced to change direction as the events industry was put completely on hold.

After searching tirelessly, managing director, David Evans, and sales director, Nicky, got a 6 month contract for the company to create hospital gowns for the NHS.

Having gone through a range of quality control procedures to make sure the gowns were fit for purpose they were able to bring staff back from furlough and create additional jobs that hadn't been available before.

David said: "Rather than saving the loans from the government we invested the money in new machinery and benches.

"A lot of people are going about their business and they do not know that we are doing something entirely out of left field."

Since then they have made 43,000 gowns of the 105,000 contracted to them and have even also got the attention of Paul Holmes, MP for Eastleigh who visited the company to see of himself the work that was taking place.

The company is now actively searching for alternative work for when the PPE contract expires, as not finding one would result in the business closing and 25-30 people being made redundant.