I was absolutely disgusted to read that the closed to the public, staff canteen at Southampton Central police station has registered for the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

The letter of the law missed this loophole and Hampshire Police have spotted that and chosen to ignore the spirit of Rishi Sunak's scheme; the number one aim of which is to help protect catering jobs by boosting demand and getting customers through the door.

If no police staff have been furloughed then how can the spirit of the scheme to get more people through the door apply here?

The number of police staff allowed to eat in this closed to the public canteen remains unchanged.

Additionally the only permitted customers will be on full pay and not the, if you're fortunate enough, 80% furlough pay or worst of all benefits.

Surely these have greater need of 50% off their food?

This is an unethical use of a scheme introduced to help restaurants open to the general public, not to subsidise food for on duty police staff in their private canteen.

The police then expect the general public to respect them?

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