SOUTHAMPTON's ice hockey team The Vikings were formed following the success of the Great Britain team in the 1936 Olympics, and was made possible after a Paris club collapsed with large debts.

The squad inherited kit from the French side Club Francais Volants, and decided upon their name because the shirts already had a 'V' emblazoned on it.

That first season in 1936 was also the team’s last for a while as, like their French predecessors, they were forced to fold through lack of funds.

Following the construction of a new rink in 1952, the Vikings were back on the ice, winning the Southern Intermediate League and setting a record for the highest amount of goals scored.

The team continued to taste success as they grew from strength to strength – even winning the British Ice Hockey Association Cup no fewer than five times.

The rink was purchased by the Rank Organisation in 1963, and redevelopment resulted in the end of the Vikings once more. It wasn’t until 1976 when another refurbishment lead to the team’s return.

The 1983/84 season was a triumphant one for the club, finishing top of the British League Division One and gaining promotion to the Premier Division.

The club only enjoyed one season in top flight after suffering relegation.

When the rink closed in 1988 to made way for new housing, the Vikings were no more once again.