WITH lockdown I’ve walked a lot more in our amazing city. I walk to work, and I enjoy walking along the banks of the Itchen.

Sadly, some people that visit our river leave their rubbish behind. And the beauty of the river is ruined by this selfish laziness.

It also creates dangers for wading birds and other wildlife.

It’s great to see the fishermen, night and day, catching bass from the bridge or the riverside; it’s nice to see families feeding the ducks; and it’s good to see cyclists and walkers using this space.

But people need to take their litter home.

The walkway between Northam and St Denys is regularly littered with cans, bottles, and other rubbish.

The popular park by Vespasian Road is another litter hot spot.

Perhaps there should be more bins installed, that are emptied more regularly? Existing bins are always overflowing.

Can’t there be recycling bins for the cans and bottles?

Maybe signage could be put up encouraging people to take litter home?

And perhaps bins could be put on the bridge, so the fishermen have somewhere to put their rubbish?

We all love our river. But let’s make it litter free.

Jon Walters