A PIGEON was shot and killed by teenage boys on a Southampton street.

A passerby witnessed four "senior school boys" shoot a pigeon out of a tree with a sling-shot on August 4 on Mansel Road in Millbrook.

The bird was shot and then stamped on according to witnesses, who attempted to confront the youths about the incident added that they "derive joy from killing".

A witness said: "Yesterday I witnessed four senior school boys, two with sling shot catapults, shoot a pigeon out of a tree and stamp on it head, for no reason other than they find it funny.

Daily Echo:

"After calling them out and sharing pictures of them on Facebook, I have been told that this is a regular thing.

"They derive joy from killing innocent birds and have no compassion even when caught.

"They have been seen doing this on several occasions in and around Mansel Park and the Millbrook estate.

Daily Echo:

"I have contacted the RSPCA who said they will be passing it on to their officers but more needs to be done to make everyone aware and shame them and their parents into doing something to stop this disgusting behaviour."

The RSPCA confirmed that the incident was reported to them and they are keen to hear from anyone with any information.

A spokesperson said: "It is upsetting to think that people take pleasure in behaving this way toward defenceless animals.

"Such unnecessary and callous attacks can cause a lot of pain and distress, and are often fatal. Anyone with information should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234999.”