MORE than 20 hornets have been caught in one flat block on a Southampton street – and a residents says the key is not "not throw anything at them".

A resident, who ask not to be identified, from Sholing said that he has caught around 17 hornets in his own flat – and even more in other residents’ homes.

The 33-year-old claims that so far more than 20 hornets have been found in the flat, but no one knows where they are coming from.

Daily Echo:

He said: “I have checked all of the loft spaces and can’t find [any nests]. There’s nothing I can see.

“There are lots of trees around so they could be in the tree and we are just in their flight path.”

He explained how he has learned to capture the large bugs without angering them, and that his neighbours will come and ask him for help removing them.

Daily Echo:

“They’re pretty docile,” he said. “The key is to just not throw anything at them.”

“I usually get a big glass and trap them in there.

“People are worried about if they Asian Hornets or not. No one has been stung yet.”

He has contacted a number of people regarding the hornets to try and work out what species they are.

Daily Echo:

A Southampton pest expert has confirmed that the large bugs are not Asian Hornets, but are European hornets.

Peter M. Cherry, director of Pests Birds and Bugs Limited, said: “These are European hornets, generally a docile creature and the largest of the UK wasp species.

“There are many thousand species of wasp in the UK, most of which are microscopic.

“Hornets live in relatively small colonies of about 200 individuals either high up in building for instance or in oak trees or similar. They will generally ignore you if you leave them alone.

“If they do become a danger to the public the nests can be treated."