A LEVEL and GCSE results in England will now be based on teachers’ assessments of their students, unless the grades produced by the controversial algorithm are higher, regulator Ofqual has announced.

The U-turn comes after Southampton councillors said last week that the Government should reconsider its approach.

Cllr Satvir Kaur, cabinet member for culture at Southampton City Council, said: "I share the anger and frustration of many parents, hardworking teachers and young people who have had their dreams crushed and futures set back because of the shambolic and incompetent Government handling of the results process.

"With 40% of students having their grades marked down, it’s clear the system has fundamentally failed this generation, affecting those from disadvantages backgrounds in Southampton far more. This Government needs to have a serious rethink.”

Ofqual chairman Roger Taylor said in a statement: “We understand this has been a distressing time for students, who were awarded exam results last week for exams they never took.

"The pandemic has created circumstances no one could have ever imagined or wished for. We want to now take steps to remove as much stress and uncertainty for young people as possible – and to free up heads and teachers to work towards the important task of getting all schools open in two weeks."

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