These images show local youngsters getting their GCSE results at various schools in the area twenty years ago, but things will no doubt look very different this year due to social distancing.

Tomorrow marks the end to an anxious wait for thousands of students across Hampshire as they find out their exam results.

Some will venture to their schools to get their results, while other will obtain the news via the internet.

Twenty years ago exam results were not available online, so youngsters turned up at their schools in droves, each of them eager to find out how they had done,

The date was August 24, 2000 when the air was full of the sound of joy and the waving of arms. Corridors and entrances in schools were packed with youngsters hugging and celebrating their successes.

For many they cemented their places in the colleges they had hoped for, but for others their results were not quite as good as they had hoped, resulting in the need for a rapid rethink.