A BOAT owner at Ocean Village Marina said he saw the damaged rib being brought back into harbour after the tragic incident in Southampton Water in which a 15-year-old girl suffered fatal injuries.

The vessel belonging to Seadogz, which describes itself as 'The Original Extreme RIB Charter Experience', has been running trips out of the marina for around eight years but was not sailing today.

Its other boat was moored at its berth.

Daily Echo: Picture: Solent NewsPicture: Solent News

Speaking on Sunday, the Ocean Village boat owner said: “I was coming back in myself around 11am and I could immediately see something wasn’t right.

“The port side tube on the RIB had deflated so it had evidently hit the navigation buoy on the boat’s front left side.

“None of the passengers were onboard and the boat was met by the harbour master.

“They are very capable, all weather boats and it was choppy out there yesterday but nothing that a boat like that cannot handle.

“It’s a terribly tragic accident.

“These boats can easily do 50 knots and if you hit a buoy at more than 30 knots it will be a hell of an impact.”

Daily Echo: Picture: Solent NewsPicture: Solent News

As reported, emergency services rushed to the scene of the collision on Saturday morning.

Twelve people who were on board the boat were taken to hospital after the crash at around 10.10am.

One of the passengers, a 15-year-old girl, who has been named as Emily Lewis, was pronounced dead in hospital.

Seadogz' website, which appeared to have been pulled down today, states: "Seadogz are a trusted Rib Charter Company on the Solent, who specialise in both corporate and private charter.

"On the beautiful South Coast, Seadogz will ensure your every need is met, whether you are looking for a fun filled day with a treasure hunt event or the adrenaline fueled 'Wet'n'Wide'."

The firm has been approached for comment.

A director of Seadogz said he had been advised not to comment on the incident when he answered the door of his home in New Milton.

Michael Howley, 49, who is listed as the sole company director, said: “I can’t talk about this. I have been told not to say anything.”