RESIDENTS are being warned to expect to see bursts of fire and an "orange glow" above Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Fawley Refinery will be flaring for the "next couple of days and overnight".

This is likely to create an orange glow, according to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services.

Daily Echo:

Earlier in August, residents were left puzzled by bright lights and "pulsing orange sky" seen across Southampton and parts of the New Forest.

However, the light above Fawley Refinery was due to 'flaring' which is a way to safely burn off excess gas.

This gas is normally recycled and used in the refinery's operating process.

A spokesperson for the refinery previously said: "We want to give an update to our current operations.

Daily Echo:

"Due to an interruption in operations late yesterday evening we are currently flaring and we anticipate that this will continue for a number of hours.

"We apologise to our local residents for any concern and inconvenience caused by the flaring and associated noise.

"We are doing all we can to resolve the situation and are taking a series of measures to minimise the flare.

"Flaring is a safe, controlled and environmentally approved way of burning off excess gas which would normally be recycled and used in our operating processes."