IT IS fantastic news that the cycle lane on the Avenue has been withdrawn.

It has caused so much congestion and pollution, and it really isn’t being used by cyclists.

However, it is sad that the other single lanes remain. I know that nobody cares about the east of our city.

But the single lane on Bitterne Road West is still there, despite it having caused so much congestion, danger, and pollution.

And it’s being used by far less cyclists than are seen on the Avenue.

The middle class residents of Bassett have been saved from single lane fumes and congestion, but working class and poorer communities in Northam, St Mary’s, and Bitterne still have to endure their single lanes.

We all know that society cares more about the rich than the poor.

But let's hope that Southampton removes the other single lanes soon.

Our city should care as much about the health of residents in St Mary’s as it does about those living in Bassett and Highfield.

Jon Walters