A COUNTY LINES drug dealer who laughed at the police officer who tackled him from his bike has been jailed.

Cleohertz Onyeasi was caught with 42 wraps of drugs.

A "mix of cocaine and heroin" they were believed to have a street value of around £400.

The 19-year-old was spotted in the Millbrook area of Southampton where police were carrying out a drugs operation, a court heard.

Daily Echo:

He was cycling along when a police car pulled up beside him on April 13 this year.

When told to stop by an officer the youngster "laughed and made off on his pedal bicycle".

He was eventually tackled from the bike but ran off.

Attempting to get back on the bike, he was again tackled to the ground.

Following a search, he was found to have wraps stuffed "down his sock" and £235 in cash.

Daily Echo:

Onyeasi tried to kick the wraps away when they were placed on the floor.

When the officer tried to pick them up he was stood on by the teen - it was deemed "a reckless move to get rid of the wraps of drugs".

Onyeasi of Fairway Drive in Bexley, appeared at Southampton Crown Court on Thursday charged with the possession of class A drugs with intent to supply and assaulting a police officer.

He previously pleaded guilty.

Prosecution barrister, Roderick Blain said how during an interview the teen claimed the drugs were for his own use.

And how he "used to be a drug dealer until he was arrested in January".

Daily Echo:

Defending, Ms Keely Harvey argued there was an element of exploitation.

There was coercion with "threats made against Onyeasi and his family" after the youngster had run up drug debts.

She added that the assault was "more reckless than anything" and that he does show remorse.

However, Judge Peter Henry said he was motivated by financial or other advantages.

He said: "I have come to the conclusion an immediate custodial sentence is inevitable."

Branding him a "County Lines" drug dealer Judge Henry sentenced him to 26 months in a young offenders institution.