Following the Labour council's decision to remove the catastrophic cycle lane on Bassett Avenue, Cllr Fitzhenry the Conservative leader has called for the temporary bus lane on Bitterne Road West to follow suit.

Interestingly Cllr Leggett the cabinet member responsible for the green transport recovery plan was reported in Friday night's Echo as saying: "If the data demonstrates problems with the changes to Bitterne Road West, then a decision will be made on whether to remove the bus lanes or not. Demands from opposition members without the data to back them up are not appropriate reasons to make changes to any part of the GTRP."

As there was no consultation with either the public or the opposition Conservatives, one wonders what data was used that suggested that blocking the major roads into Southampton from the north and the east was a good and sensible plan executed in the interests of our citizens and businesses.

The government gave Southampton over £4m for this exercise - how much of this tax payers money has already been wasted on these hair-brained schemes?

Linda Norris

Ex Southampton mayor 2015/16