I THINK the reason electoral reform in the guise of the alternative vote, to which Mr Samuels refers in his letter of 27 August, was rejected in the referendum in 2011 was because it didn't offer sufficient improvement, not being a proportional system.

Although more democratic than our present system of FPTP (first past the post) it didn't go far enough.

As for the Lib Dems wanting to re-run past battles, his description of my party is, as always, about as reliable as President Trump's description of the policies of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Now that our caretaker 'acting' party leader has been endorsed by a vote of confidence, I look forward to the announcement of policies for the next parliament to repair the damage being done to our country by the current crop of second-rate time-servers masquerading as a Conservative Government.

With battles to be fought in the future, there is no reason whatever to re-run past ones - successful or otherwise.

Martin Kyrle