I was enjoying a coffee in the sun on Bank Holiday Monday, at the Cafe in the Park at Andrew's Park in the centre of Southampton.

I was approached by a man who asked if I might be able to change a £20 note for two ten pound notes, so he could get a bus.

As a bus user myself I know drivers carry little change, so it was a feasible request.

He handed me the £20 note which was rolled up, dropping it just before I got hold of it and he took my two notes.

I picked it up to see it was a fake, with specimen written across it.

He had already shot through the cafe door and out the other side, into the Park.

In hindsight, I was lucky not to have lost my whole purse.

A family on a nearby table didn't realise what had happened until I explained.

The father immediately handed me a £10 note saying we'll split the loss, an amazingly kind gesture.

I remarked it was Eat Out to Help Out day so we had both saved money on our meals, so maybe we all felt better as a result.

Be warned though, don't fall for this scam if you are approached but do contact the police.

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