Just before lockdown I bought myself a season ticket for surface parking in Southampton for six months.

Mine would of expired in August 2020 and paid £580.

I used it for a month or so and then we were told by Boris Johnson that the country was going into lockdown.

So I ended up working from home throughout the whole of lockdown.

I emailed Southampton City Council about a refund or giving me the months of when we are all to return back to work.

They offered me two additional months from when my pass expired.

I emailed back back and said lockdown was not my decision and I was unable to work in the office.

They responded and said the car park was fully open during these times therefore no refund will be given.

This is another reason Southampton City Council is another money grabbing council.

I’ve paid for parking and have not been able to use it.

Even now I am still working from home and the extension given wouldn’t give me any days to park as work have not confirmed when we will all be returning back to work.

So not fair to those that have worked through out this pandemic and paid for parking but not being able to use it.

I hope you can reach out and help with this please.

I have a family to feed and like everyone else it’s challenging times.