Labour's bus and cycle lanes aren't about clean air or reducing congestion, it's really about control.

Our Labour council made the decision to introduce the cycle lanes and bus lanes in this city when it has been deeply affected by Covid 19, not to reduce air pollution or reduce congestion, but really to use this opportunity to control and tell people how to live their lives.

When you analyse the proposals, common sense tells us that reducing capacity on Bassett Avenue and Bitterne Road, by 50%, will only increase traffic because not everyone can overnight start cycling or taking the bus.

So what does this mean?

Well we all know it means more cars queuing for longer causing more congestion and air pollution.

But the real important bit here is the response from the Labour Party and Southampton City council officers "perhaps if people have to sit in their car in traffic everyday, and see the cycle & bus lanes moving quickly, they will get out of their car"....

If this isn't forcing people and trying to control their lives, I don't know what is.

So let's be clear, your Conservative team are deeply against this controlling approach from this Labour council.

We would remove the Bitterne Bus Lane immediately and put a stop to this "council knows best" and "you will do what we say or face the consequences" approach.

I am accused by some of being "de-visive" and against cycling or buses, i am not. I use the bus regularly week and walk a lot.

But I believe in freedom, that you can make decisions for yourselves and your council is here to serve you, not control you.

Cllr Dan Fitzhenry

Leader of Conservative Group on Southaptno City Council