The report that Test Valley Borough Council is to lobby the government to change the present common trespass laws by making it a criminal offence is not the job it was elected for.

The present trespass law is perfectly adequate in dealing with traveller encampments.

TVBC really need to concentrate their minds on opening up and supporting the vital social services that have been devastated by COV19 and the mindless austerity cuts they have imposed on our communities.

Care homes, libraries, art and music venues and even food banks that are suffering quietly in the background.

Any changes to the trespass laws will be fully debated in parliament and I suspect criminalising common trespass law will only benefit a few of those who may wish to conceal illegal blood sporting activities from public view and any hunt monitoring that may take place.

With a massive rise in countryside criminality and illegal blood sports this is not the time for criminalising common trespass laws and public spirited members of the public who wish to observe, monitor, film and prevent illegal blood sports on private or public lands.

Peter Sowerby

North Baddesley