PEACE was disturbed Sunday afternoon when a man arrived and cut the grass in Heathfield school but as they were preparing for the children to return to school we weren't bothered.

Today a van pulled up and two men each off loaded a lawnmower and proceeded to cut the same piece of grass.

How much of tax payers money was wasted here.

We have a very large oak tree outside the school gate and opposite our bungalow.

It sheds an awful lot of leaves, acorns and bits of broken branch.

We pay £60 a year for a garden waste bin (worth every penny for our personal use).

For about three months of the year it's full of this waste as my husband, a pensioner, sweeps the street or the majority of it ends up in our garden

Are we likely to get a reduced rate, I don't think so.

Why don't the local authority use their labour to do more useful jobs like sweeping streets or unblocking drains full of leaves.

Just a thought. Rant over.

Lin Adams