Can I urge all over 75s not to pay the £175.50 licence fee.

Until we are paid the basic state pension which we paid into and earned.

Basic state pension 20200-2021 is £175 per week for over 75?

Basic state pension is £135 per week.

It changed four years ago - but we all paid in.

I will pay the license fee when I am paid what I am due.

All 75s are £40 per week short.

This is down to Boris & Co not the BBC.

We the over 75s have more than paid our dues and I feel we have been cheated.

Every year we get less.

This may be the last chance to put this right.

Pay the £40 per week we are all owed and very few of us would have to go cap in hand and claim credit.

That is what the new rate was meant to do.

Remember Boris & Co not BBC.

A Bartlett, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh.