I am putting pen to paper about the plight of the elderly and disabled, old people who are immobile, since lockdown transport for the people has not changed.

Totton Call and Go help these individuals as much as they can.

The Call and Go bus restarts in three weeks but it will not be able to accommodate the same numbers due to social distancing which will leave quite a few people indisposed.

A few years ago Bluestar provided a service (T1 and T2) which serve the areas of Hounsdown, Rushington, Downs Park as well as West Totton.

The reintroduction would be invaluable and would resolve the problem that the elderly folk have.

I sincerely hope getting 'shopping', 'doctors', which are essential to staying independent for as long as possible.

I hope Bluestar will be able to help the elderly who through no fault of their own need a helping hand and resolve the problem.

W. Taylor, Hounsdown, Totton.