SOUTHAMPTON'S Conservative group are calling on the council to withdraw the Green Transport Recovery Plan (GTRP) but it is not clear what they want to replace it with.

Do they want a green recovery or just any old recovery, one that will return us to the unsustainable, unfair economy we started with?

The pandemic has exposed deep inequalities in society and if we can build back better we will at least salvage some good from this disaster.

In addition to the economic and health crises we have an air pollution crisis and a climate crisis.

Even the Conservative government has recognised that we need a shift away from the car towards active travel and that is why they gave money to our city.

The only local Conservative idea I have seen is to reduce car parking charges.

This won't encourage people out of their cars, neither will it help the 30% of Southampton's residents who don't have access to a car, nor tempt people back onto buses.

To recover from all these linked crises we need bold thinking or we will lock ourselves into a car-dominated future full of air pollution and congested streets that in the long run will benefit nobody.

Angela Cotton