I cannot agree with Aloma Hack (Soapbox 8/9/2020).

We were all children once I do agree but hopefully we were taught how to behave in public paces such as the Compass Inn.

My husband and I often visit this charming pub with our Cairn terrier and are appalled at the way children are allowed to run around getting under the waitress's and waiter's feet and being a general nuisance.

Our dog and those other canines who visit with their masters/mistresses are better behaved than some of these children.

Obviously all children do not behave like this and it would be a pleasure to go there without those children who seen to be out of control.

They can still go on Sunday's and annoy the pub clients.

It is not long since no child was allowed over the footstep of a pub but had to stay in the garden if there was one whatever the weather.

June Fulford

Netley Abbey